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We have something for you. BandScapes is proud to offer an exciting musical performance for your next event. Whether it be a party, wedding, corporate or other event, we have talented, dependable bands for your consideration.

BandScapes is more than the usual agent/representative; we know our bands and their performances well. We can help guide you to the act that fits your needs, your budget and pleases your audience.

BandScapes also offers video, audio and photographic services. See the SERVICES link above for more information.

About BandScapes

Former insurance executive Jean Cosgrove and retired entertainment law attorney Johnny Kenehan formed BandScapes in 2009. It was and remains our intention to do things differently, taking an active role with our talent both in promotion and production. Knowing our bands well allows us to place talent confident that the performance will be a solid match.

Bandscapes operates solely as a commissioned agent. We will not 'buy wholesale and remarket retail' as do some other agents. Such a practice costs bands revenue and needlessly increases costs to buyers and venues.

Jean has retired from the agency with Rico Madrid and Kelly Evans stepping in to market, find and develop new talent.